Keep the Fuel Flowing

We'll handle your injector installation in Mountain Home, ID

Can’t crank up your car because of your stalling engine? This is a sign of fuel injector problems and should be fixed as soon as possible. Tri-County Repair in Mountain Home, ID provides injector installation and turbo failure services to help keep your engine running efficiently.

It may be time to replace your fuel injector if:

  • Your engine is stalling
  • Your fuel economy is bad
  • Your RPM needle is shaking
  • Your check engine light is on

Don’t let your engine die. Hire us now for injector installation and turbo failure services.

Why should you install a turbocharger?

Turbochargers compress more of the air that flows into your engine's cylinder. This increase in air will add more fuel to the engine, increasing mechanical power and efficiency. This means that you can reduce your engine's size, which will lead to improved fuel economy.

Turbos can be added to basically any vehicle. Reach out to us at 208-696-9708 to set up a time for an installation.